School Ethos

The Ethos or characteristic spirit of the school informs everything that happens within the school. The Ethos of Brannoxtown Community National is embodied in the following statements:

  • The school is at the heart of the local community.
  • All children are supported in living their lives to the full.
  • High standards are the goal in teaching and learning.
  • Everybody is valued and treated with respect.
  • Diversity is recognised and celebrated.

The Ethos of Brannoxtown CNS can be further described in terms of what it means for children, parents, teachers and other members of the community.

 What does this Ethos mean for children? 

  • We respond to each child’s interests and needs in a caring and nurturing environment.
  • We promote a holistic approach to education, developing of all aspects of the child: intellectually, physically, culturally, morally and spiritually.
  • We strive for excellence in education, encouraging each child to reach his/her potential.
  • We are committed to the spirit of inclusion and equality; each member of the school community is valued equally and treated with respect and dignity.

 What does this Ethos mean for parents? 

  • We recognise and support parents as partners in their child’s education.
  • We encourage parents’ involvement in their child’s education and Brannoxtown CNS and we endeavour to support them in this process.

 What does this Ethos mean for teachers and all school staff?

  • We strive for excellence in all we do.
  • We create a welcoming and happy atmosphere of the school.
  • We value all members of the school community.
  • We treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • We support and encourage each other.
  • We listen carefully and communicate clearly.
  • We are committed to developing the school as a learning organisation.
  • We nurture each child and focus on their positive attributes.
  • We work with outside agencies in the best interests of our children.
  • We hold collective responsibility for the children in our care, the quality of the school environment and atmosphere, good staff relations and a positive school reputation.

 What does this Ethos mean for our community? 

  • We prepare our children to be fully active citizens in the community.
  • We reflect and cater to the needs of the community.
  • We work closely with community organisations and community leaders to enrich the education of our pupils.
  • We provide opportunities for the wider community to become involved in and contribute to the life of the school.