Brannoxtown CNS Crest


Designing a new Crest

We began the process of developing our school crest during our first term as a Community National School, from September 2018. We researched the values which other schools and sports teams considered important. After lots of discussion and deliberation, we agreed four values for our school: Ambition, Effort, Respect and     Teamwork. We explored and designed symbols to represent these values.
 In addition to representing our values, we wanted our school crest to reflect the school’s history, heritage and location. We explored different symbols to show the rich history of Brannockstown and of Co. Kildare.

We examined crests for other schools and organisations and identified design features, shapes and colours which we liked. We prepared a specification of requirements for translating our ideas into a new school crest. We were delighted that Dave at DoodleMoose designs could take on the task! We invited feedback on our draft crest in   January 2019. Feedback was very positive and our new school crest was finalised by January 31st 2019.

BCNS School Crest: Description 

  • The four linked hands reflect our four school values: Ambition, Effort, Respect and Teamwork.
  • The hands also resemble the cross of Brigid of Kildare and its pre-Christian origins in the sun cross, the source of life.
  • The oak leaves represent Kildare (Cill Dara) which means the ‘Church of the oak tree’.
  • 1885 is the date our school was established (as a Baptist School); it reminds us of all the teachers and children who came before us.
  • 2018 is the date our school began a new life as a Community National School, under patronage of the KWETB.