School Uniform

Brannoxtown CNS School Uniform and General Purpose Fee.  Uniform & General Purpose Fee


The Brannoxtown CNS School Uniform Policy supports children to be well-presented at all times while also ensuring uniform costs are kept to a minimum for parents. Our school uniform policy reflects recent initiatives by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) to promote cost-cutting for parents regarding school uniforms. In line with DES guidelines, our school uniform includes: generic rather than branded clothing, availability of sew-on school crests and colours (navy and blue) which are available from a range of suppliers and stores.

During the first year of our school, from September 2018, children led the design and development of our new school crest, ensuring it represents our school values and our sense of belonging to our community and locality.


School Uniform

Navy and blue are our uniform colours. The school uniform includes a School Tracksuit and Formal School Uniform. To help children to take responsibility for their belongings, we ask parents to label your child’s uniform items with his/her first and last name.

School Tracksuit

  • Navy tracksuit legs
  • Navy sweatshirt
  • Blue polo-shirt.

Formal School Uniform

  • Navy trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • Navy cardigan or jumper
  • Blue shirt
  • Plain navy tie 

Purchasing School Uniform items

  • A stand-alone school crest can be purchased from the school at any time for €5. The crest can be ironed-on to the child’s navy tracksuit top, jumper or cardigan.

Days for School Tracksuit and Formal School Uniform

Children wear their school tracksuit three days each week; the formal school uniform is worn on the other two days. Tracksuit days follow children’s schedule for Physical Education (PE), Visual Arts (Art) and Drama. For the current school year:

  • School Tracksuit Days: Monday, Tuesday and Friday
  • School Uniform Days: Wednesday and Thursday.