Brannoxtown Community National School 

Brannoxtown Community National School opened in September 2018 under patronage of the Kildare Wicklow Education and Training Board (KWETB). It is Ireland’s 14th Community National School (i.e., a primary school with a local Education and Training Board as its patron) and the third Community National School under KWETB Patronage.

Original school-house

Our school has a rich heritage; it dates back to 1885 when it was established as a Baptist School by John La Touche, Master of Harristown Estate. LaTouche gave permission for the use of stone and materials from Portlester Castle, on the original site, to construct the new school for the Baptist community. Few of the National Schools established prior to the close of the last century still survive today. Our original school building (part-Norman castle) is a listed building. The school has had many refurbishments since 1885. The most recent of these, which included replacing the roof and windows, was completed in 2012 during the construction of the new school building. Returning to patronage of hte school, it closed in 1904 when it became a private residence. In 1929, the school reopened as Catholic with Ms. Duffy as principal until 1972.  Today, the original schoolhouse comprises one large classroom, two offices, a staff room and toilets.

Modern, new building 

Our school includes a state-of-the-art, new building which opened in 2013. Four large classrooms are fully equipped with a wonderful range of educational resources, technologies, workspaces and storage spaces. Following the opening of Brannoxtown CNS under patronage of the KWETB in September 2018, the two downstairs classrooms in the new building are currently used for children in Junior and Senior classes. One of the upstairs classrooms serves as an indoor gym and recreation space where children can enjoy a range of break-time activities on rainy days.

A new journey for our school

Our school is now in its third phase of development – from a Baptist School, to a Catholic School, to a Community National School. Community is at the heart of the school’s next journey. At Brannoxtown CNS, we uphold the values of excellence, equality and diversity. Our school is a joyful place where we support all children to grow in competence and confidence so they can flourish as learners and individuals. We are currently enrolling children across all classes – from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. If you wish to know more, check out our Enrolment page which has all the information you need to enrol your child at Brannoxtown CNS.