Message from the Principal

Welcome to Brannoxtown Community National School (CNS). I took-on the role of Principal in August 2018 following three wonderful years working with colleagues and children at Naas CNS. Prior to that, I worked at the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment leading teams developing curriculum and assessment for children in early childhood and primary education. I previously studied and taught in the United States at primary, secondary and third level.

I believe that children and childhood are precious and that schools are very special places. At Brannoxtown CNS, we create environments to nurture each child’s learning and development and wellbeing. Sustainable education is our focus; we strive to help children develop concepts, skills and dispositions that will last. 

Our experiences in childhood shape who we are and who we become as adults, so we support children to be happy, confident, competent learners and communicators who feel strong and well in themselves. We help children to grow into curious, resourceful, learners who are personally and socially capable and resilient. Ultimately, I wish for each child at Brannoxtown CNS to have wonderful memories of their time here—of all they achieved and how happy and productive they felt in our school (long after the details of particular learning activities may have faded).

As Principal of Brannoxtown CNS, I am excited and honoured to lead the development of our school to benefit children and their families. My ambitions are for children to flourish at Brannoxtown CNS, for families to feel supported and connected to the school, for all who work at BCNS to feel proud of our school and happy in it, for community members to enjoy strong collaborations and communications with the school and for all of us to value one-another. I am very appreciative of the wonderful children, families, staff and community members at our school and I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the next phase of joyful learning in our school.

Dr. Sarah FitzPatrick

Principal, Brannoxtown CNS.